Two heads are better than one. In the world of business, it has been applied by companies that have undergone merger and acquisition. There are many reasons why companies acquire other firms. Among popular reasons is to break into new markets and to even go private.

For some, it is all about wealth maximization and to evaluate new opportunities in a totally different niche. In 2016 alone, $500 billion worth of transactions were made in the tech industry for mergers and acquisitions.


Notable Mergers throughout History

Over the past years, mergers and acquisitions have become commonplace. However, there have been a number of notable ones as prominent companies start to meld together for the financial benefit of many.

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One such example is the Pfizer acquisition of Warner-Lambert for 111.8 billion dollars during the 1990s. This made Pfizer during that time as the second largest drug company. They were able to control drugs including Lipitor, Viagra, Listerine mouthwash, and Visine eye drops. During that same decade, the world of telecommunications also bore witness to a historic acquisition as Vodafone took over Mannesmann. The final result was a $180.95 billion merger.

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Of course, by no means does this mean that mergers are a thing of the past. They still happen today and industry experts are taking notice. In 2017, HPE acquired Niara. It is considered to be one of the biggest mergers of the year. Additionally, this was also the year when another notable merger acquisition took place as Perficient bought the Chicago-based software consultancy firm Clarity which has an annual revenue of around $27 million. With the acquisition, Perficient has effectively doubled the size of its workforce to 330 employees.


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Is it always a good move to merge with another company? There is really no straight answer to this one as it can vary on a case-to-case basis. As you know, in reality, major business decisions such as this involve a great deal of research.

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That is why it is always a smart idea to bring in a top mergers and acquisition firm like Auctus Capital Partners to help you get the best deal possible. It may surprise some that deals like the ones presented above do not just occur overnight. In fact, investment banks play a huge role in merger and acquisition of companies. They analyze the target’s current financial situation and evaluate the potential synergy between the two parties. This is used to make an accurate projection of the merger’s possible financial results.

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With Auctus Capital Partners , you can rest easy knowing that you are in safe hands.

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