Maz Pawar

Managing Partner

MAZ-PAWARMr. Maz A. Pawar is a Managing Partner at Auctus Group, Inc. and has more than thirteen years of experience in the financial services sector. Prior to establishing Auctus Group, Mr. Pawar served in various corporate finance and investment banking roles at Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Houlihan Smith & Company, and Wells Fargo Capital. With a highly diverse background in debt capital markets, capital financing, and business advisory, Mr. Pawar delivers unique insights regarding capital markets and corporate financing transactions across all industry verticals.
In addition, Mr. Pawar leverages his unique skillset in operations management, client service, and corporate advisory to create and maintain a client-focused culture, staffed with highly motivated and highly skilled individuals. Mr. Pawar graduated with honors from Rutgers University, where he earned his Bachelors in Economics and Political Science. Upon completion of his undergraduate coursework, Mr. Pawar completed formal credit training with Merrill Lynch Capital & Congress Financial. Prior to establishing Auctus Group, Inc., Mr. Pawar served as Managing Director for an International Investment Banking Group, completing over 30 transactions in the past two years. He has also been a part of over a 100 engagements over his career.

Mr. Pawar grew up in New Jersey and moved to Chicago in 2007. He is married and a passionate basketball fan. In his free time, he enjoys to spend time with his two sons.