Don Hodgkin

Executive Coaching and Counseling

After graduating with a degree in psychology, Don’s six years as a counselor at Lookout Mountain School for Boys in Golden, Colorado not only gave him a better understanding of human diversity and the psychology of overcoming personal challenges, but the experience also sensitized him to the workings of large organizations.

Don tapped into those organizational and people skills when he next founded Benefit Counseling Services, providing outsourced benefits counseling to Denver’s largest insurance companies. Don nurtured and grew this company into largest independently owned voluntary insurance agency in Colorado.

When Don sold that company, he applied those entrepreneurial and business management skills and founded Hodgkin Business Coaching, essentially engaging his dual areas of expertise: psychology and business. Since that time, Don has worked with diverse sizes and types of companies—from small businesses to family owned companies to large corporations—helping them improve communications, build morale, resolve conflicts, establish strategic plans, increase sales and profits, reduce absenteeism and turnover, and much more. Don has served as a guest speaker at universities, firms, and associations throughout Colorado. He is a frequent columnist contributor to the Denver Business Journal.


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