Auctus Group provides financial advisory solutions to lower middle market business owners across the lifespan of a business. In many situations, this involves the need to secure a growth equity investment. Financing growth is a major challenge that all business owners face at some point in their company’s development. Even when credit markets are active, which is not always the case, the interest expense and principal amortization associated with debt financing can create a heavy burden on the cash flow of a growing organization.

In addition, experienced growth equity investors can provide invaluable board level perspective and insights to help successfully manage growth and pursue expansions, which can be as valuable as the capital itself. Raising equity capital has been an effective strategy for meeting the following strategic business objectives:

  • Acquisitions
  • Pursuing international expansion
  • Building new facilities
  • New product development
  • Financing short-term gaps in earnings
  • Minority recapitalizations
  • Shareholder distributions/dividends/cash-outs

Growth equity can be an effective tool when the owners want to remain investors but also want to realize a portion of their investment. In addition, it can be an effective vehicle for providing liquidity to certain shareholders, while allowing other equity owners to remain invested in the company. We bring expertise to our clients to help them secure growth equity that fits their specific needs, while optimizing terms.